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Black Castor Oil

Black Castor Oil

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  • 100% natural Unrefined African Method
  • Roasted for Ash Content
  • Hair, Skin and massage oil
  • Pressed and boiling roasted castor beans

Black Castor Oil

  • Bring out your boldest brows and lashes or shiniest hair with our Black Castor Oil. Its deeply hydrating singular ingredient nourishes hair follicles down to the root.
  • Naturally occurring ash gives the oil its dark, rich color.Helps clarify scalp buildup from hair products.


  • Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil O13

Recommended use

  • Apply to roots of hair or brows. Massage into scalp from root to tip and let sit for 20 minutes or overnight. Wash hair as usual.
  • Insider tip: Use a mascara spoolie to brush castor oil onto brows and lashes for precise application.